Helping rehab professionals stay organized and in compliance with their license renewal requirements!

Whether you have one license or many, CEU Keeper strives to simplify your continuing education journey.

About Kim

About physical therapist Kim

I’m a physical therapist, practicing for over 20 years in almost every setting and in almost every type of employment: full time, part time, PRN, and travel.

The travel life led me along a windy road to Portland, Oregon with a few stops along the way. Like many other travelers who make it to the Pacific Northwest, I didn’t expect to stop traveling when I got here, but I did.

Even though I live on the Oregon coast now, and haven’t worked in Washington for a few years, I'm still holding on to that one extra license. While the travel bug may be dormant, does it every really go away? For now, I fill my need for variety by working per diem in home health and acute care, and my desire for adventure by climbing.

About Jeff

About Jeff

I started coding back in the 90s, graduating with a degree in Systems Analysis. I gave the ‘real job’ a try but wasn’t quite ready to sit at a desk all day.

After hiking the PCT, years of farming, followed by years of teaching middle school, I found my way back to technology working as a programmer for a local credit union.

These days, I'm content with life on the Oregon coast balancing coding and server maintenance with surfing and gardening.

Our Story

Kim and JeffEarly in our relationship, we discovered that one of our shared interests is entrepreneurship. On hikes we’d throw out business ideas and mostly revel in the romance of having our own successful business. We knew we wanted to offer a service that was helpful, but a practical idea eluded us.

As Kim’s Washington license renewal snuck up on her, the search for certificates and the realization that she wasn't sure how many more CEUs she needed proved frustrating. CEU Keeper started to emerge as a potential idea.

We knew a few websites already existed to track CEUs for PTs, but none of them worked for Washington and Oregon. The FSBPT had also discontinued their resource by this time. Maybe we *were* onto something. Little did we know, developing and coding a web based solution to track multiple licenses was no joke.

It took us countless hours to research the renewal requirements for every state: searching websites, combing through the rules and regulations, and contacting state boards when there was conflicting information between the rules and their website. Not to mention, the confusing states are usually the ones that don’t respond very quickly (or at all!) when you ask for clarification.

Developing the site brought its own set of challenges. From building the database, programming the functionality, coding the design, and setting up servers, it was quite the journey.

After our initial launch, we celebrated CEU Keeper’s completion only to realize it was just the beginning…